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Free Download CG Academy 3Ds Max Training Pack - 3ds max Workflow 1

Category: Tutorials / Film Media Maker

CG Academy 3Ds Max Training Pack - 3ds max Workflow 1
CG Academy 3Ds Max Training Pack - 3ds max Workflow 1
English | Size: 2.2GB
Category: Tutorial

Are you ready for some serious learning? If you are, then why not invest in our entire range of DVDs? Currently we have DVDs on 3dsmax Workflow, Modelling, Texturing, Maxscript, Character Rigging, Particle Flow and Afterburn. The bundle includes over 60 hours of tutorials provided by some of 3dsmax's aknowledged masters of their field.
DVD01 - 3dsmax Workflow 1 - User Interface & Basic Workflow
DVD02 - 3dsmax Workflow 2 - Proceduralism
DVD03 - Modelling Fundamentals 1 - Primitives & Poly Fundamentals
DVD04 - Modelling Fundamentals 2 - Polygonal Mesh Modelling
DVD05 - Modelling Fundamentals 3 - Spline Based Tools
DVD06 - Modelling Fundamentals 4 - Sub-Ds & Combined Techniques
DVD07 - Advanced Modelling 1 - Sub-D Creature Modelling
DVD08 - Advanced Modelling 2 - Technical Modelling 1
DVD09 - Texturing Fundamentals 1 - UV Mapping & Texturing
DVD10 - Intermediate Texturing 1 - The Unwrap UVW Tool
DVD11 - Advanced Texturing 1 - Creature UV Unwrapping
DVD12 - Intermediate Rigging 1 - FK Spine, Leg & Foot Rig
DVD13 - Intermediate Rigging 2 - Spline IK, Arm & Hand Rig
DVD14 - Intermediate Rigging 3 - Skinning Techniques
DVD15 - Intermediate Rigging 4 - Facial Rigging Techniques
DVD16 - MAXScript Fundamentals 1 - Variables, Macroscripts & Functions
DVD17 - MAXScript Fundamentals 2 - MAXScript For The Masses
DVD18 - Advanced MAXScript 1 - The Matrix: Explained
DVD19 - Particle Flow Fundamentals 1 - Principles & Workflow
DVD20 - Particle Flow Fundamentals 2 - Operators1
DVD21 - Particle Flow Fundamentals 3 - Operators 2
DVD22 - Particle Flow Fundamentals 4 - Tests, Forces & Collisions
DVD23 - Particle Flow Fundamentals 5 - Practical Examples
DVD24 - Particle Flow Scripting 1 - The PFlow Script Show
DVD25 - Particle Flow Scripting 2 - The PFlow Script Show : Act 2
DVD26 - Lighting & Rendering Fundamentals 1 - Light & colour Theory
DVD27 - Animation Fundamentals 1 - The Core Principles
DVD28 - Animation Fundamentals 2 - Adding Character
DVD29 - Afterburn Masters 1 - Afterburn Fundamentals
DVD30 - Afterburn Masters 2 - Fireball
DVD31 - Afterburn Masters 3 - Air Strike
DVD32 - HLSL Shader Creation 1 - HLSL Shader Fundamentals
DVD33 - HLSL Shader Creation 2 - Light & Shading Models
When working on a production, its common to work as a part of a large team, with each member working on a specific area of that project. This is reflected within the software itself, with each part of the software targeting a specific need such as modelling, texturing, lighting, and particle effects. CG Academy caters to these disciplines with an in depth series of DVDs on each skill set. However, within our Workflow series, we look beyond these specific areas to the global concerns of our package of choice and production as a whole. We also explore features that define your software, for instance with 3dsmax we look at how we can use its prodecural design within our workflow. You can think of workflow as the glue that bonds the various disciplines together, how we move from modelling to texturing, from finished models to rigging them and so on, giving us a greater insight into the wider topic of 3d computer graphics.
You really can't get any more fundamental a need in most CG productions than Modelling. Whether it be an accurate model of a new building design, a mechanical model of a vehicle or prop, to a fantasy creature or photo real human model. Most productions will need models to fill the on screen roles needed to tell their narative. Our series of modelling DVDs will build your skills both in mechanical and natural modelling realms with titles that cover this broad topic at every level. Also we will look at taking your models one stage further with procedural techniques that can make your models become tools in their own right to further speed up your modelling processes.
When you have created some 3D Models, of course the first thing you will want to do is to apply some colour and texture to them. In ourtexturing DVDs we will lead you through all aspects of texturing. From mapping your models with UV coordinates in preparation for receiving their surfaces, through to applying realistic shaders, using bitmap textures, procedural textures, normal mapping and so on.
MAXScript can be used in any stage of a pipeline. You can use it at the beginning to help with modelling, you can use it during rigging to aid in making your setups more flexible and to automate the process. MAXScript can be used during scene layout to "paint" props such as rocks and flowers over a landscape and can be used in your Particle Flows to create effects that would otherwise be impossible. MAXScript as you can see is a tool that no serious 3dsmax user should be without, as it opens up a world of power and flexibility and will give you the dge in almost any situation. In this series by Laszlo Sebo and Borislav Petrov we will teach you MAXScript from the very fundamentals,
all the way through to advanced techniques and beyond.
Once we have modelled our buildings, cars or characters, sooner or later for most CG users we need to make them into working models both for animation and for "posing" our models in stills. Our buildings doors need to open, our cars have to hug terrain and turn corners and our characters need to be quickly posable so we can create character animation quickly and easily. This topic teaches rigging of all kinds, though it is more heavily biased towards character rigging, as it is here that often the most advanced techniques come into play.
Once you have your sets and characters/vehicles Modelled and Rigged, you may find the need to make them move in a realistic manner. 3D animation continues the traditions and techniques developed by the animation pioneers of the 20th century. Of course in CG we need to combine those artistic skills with the more technical aspects of 3D software. Our range of Animation DVDs will teach you how to animate from the ground up, not purely focussing on Character Animation alone, but in
animating all elements of our scenes, whether creature or machine.
Lighting & Rendering:
Near the end of any 3D pipeline you will need to take the characters, landscapes, simulations and particle FX and Render them to produce a final 2D image. This is a very broad topic that encompasses a number of areas, including colour theory, compositing techniques, surface shading
modelling, lighting, photographic techniques and much more. Here you will find DVDs that deal with the many varied areas of Lighting & Rendering on 3dsmax and Maya.
3dsmax has a major role to play in the creation of much of the artwork in current video games titles. Its use is as diverse as producing 3D models / textures, game level models / textures, real time shader development and character animation. As the games toolset is very specific to the current technology in use on the PC and Consoles, we felt at CG Academy that it deserved its own topic. Here you will find DVD titles that focus specifically on the workflows and technical needs of the games artist.
Particles & SFX:
Particles are used in 3d software to produce simulations of thousands of tiny objects that need to act in a dynamic manner. With particles its possible to simulate snow, smoke, fire, sparks and plasma. 3dsmax offers a large range of particles systems, from the standard Particle Flow, to Cebas's Thinking Particles.We currently offer a five DVD series on 3dsmax's Particle Flow and an advanced level, three DVD series on Afterburn (a volumetric smoke and fluid renderer for 3dsmax).
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