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Java SE Development Kit 12.0.1

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The Java Platform, Standard Edition 11 Development Kit (JDK 11) is a feature release of the Java SE platform. It contains new features and enhancements in many functional areas.

You can use the links on this page to open the Release Notes describing important changes, enhancements, removed APIs and features, deprecated APIs and features, and other information about JDK 11 and Java SE 11.

Links to other sources of information about JDK 11 are also provided. The JDK Guides and Reference Documentation link below displays a page containing links to the user guides, troubleshooting information, and specific information of interest to users moving from previous versions of the JDK. Links to the JDK 11 API Specification and the Java Language and Virtual Machine Specifications are provided below in the JDK 11 Specifications group.

The Release Notes describe important changes, enhancements, removed APIs and features, deprecated APIs and features, and other information about JDK 11 and Java SE 11. In some cases, the descriptions provide links to additional detailed information about an issue or a change. The APIs described here are those that are provided with the Oracle JDK. It includes a complete implementation of the Java SE 11 Platform and additional Java APIs to support developing, debugging, and monitoring Java applications. This page does not duplicate the descriptions provided by the Java SE 11 (18.9) ( JSR 384) Platform Specification, which provides informative background for all specification changes and might also include the identification of removed or deprecated APIs and features not described here. The Java SE 11 (18.9) ( JSR 384) specification provides links to:

Annex 1: The complete Java SE 11 API Specification.

Annex 2: An annotated API specification showing the exact differences relative to Java SE 10. Informative background for these changes may be found in the list of approved Change Specification Requests for this release.

Annex 3: Java SE 11 Editions of The Java Language Specification and The Java Virtual Machine Specification. The Java SE 11 Editions contain all corrections and clarifications made since the Java SE 10 Editions, as well as additions for new features.

You should be aware of the content in that document as well as the items described in this page.

The descriptions on this Release Note page might also identify potential compatibility issues that you could encounter when migrating to JDK 11. The Kinds of Compatibility page on the OpenJDK wiki identifies three types of potential compatibility issues for Java programs used in these descriptions:

Source: Source compatibility concerns translating Java source code into class files.

Binary: Binary compatibility is defined in The Java Language Specification as preserving the ability to link without error.

Behavioral: Behavioral compatibility includes the semantics of the code that is executed at runtime.


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